To Submit an Application in Person

Please download the appropriate application by clicking on the type of application in the list below.   If you prefer, you may also submit an online application.

Once you have downloaded your application, completely fill out the form and be sure to attach all required plans that clearly show the requested information and/or setbacks requested in the instructions of each application. Submit your completed application in person at the Community Development Office located in the Government Center at 2700 Lyons Road.  

**Please click here to read our current policy for processing applications during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Incomplete applications will not be processed until all required materials are provided.  If you are uncertain which application form to use please contact the Community Development Office at 937-433-3426. 

Zoning Certificates

**Please do not submit any advance payments when applying for a zoning certificate.  The amount due will be tallied once your application has been reviewed and approved.  If payments are received in advance please note they will either be returned to you immediately or refunds for any overpaid amount could take 6-8 weeks or longer. 

Fence Permit Residential or Commercial Fences.

Signage Permit Any wall, free-standing, or event-based signage.

Temporary Sign Registration FormUse this application for temporary signs that are larger than 32 square feet.

General Zoning Certificate - Primary structures, additions, accessory structures, facade renovations or any other construction on a property.

Declaration of Intent - Agricultural Exemption - Within the "A" Agricultural District, this form allows for the construction of a structure without a Zoning Certificate. This exemption is permitted only for buildings that will be used solely for agricultural purposes and not for general storage or event structures.  Contact a member of the Community Development staff should you have any questions.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals applications require an application fee in advance. Please see our Zoning Fee Schedule (click here) and include the required fee when submitting your application. 

Variance (VA)To request changes to lots, parking counts, landscaping requirements, setbacks, sign height or area, etc.

Conditional Use (CU) - To permit specific uses within a district, non-compliant lot splits, etc.

Administrative Appeal (AA) - To appeal the decision or interpretation of the Zoning Inspector, Staff, or the code.

Non-Conforming Use Modification (NC) - To allow the expansion, repair, alteration, or reduction in a non-conforming use or structure.

Zoning Commission

Zoning Commission applications require an application fee in advance. Please see our Zoning Fee Schedule (click here) and include the required fee when submitting your application.

Rezoning (Zoning Map Amendment - RZ) - To change the zoning of a property from one district to another. (Not for modification to a parcel located in a planned development.)

Site Plan Review (SPR) - For approval under Article 7 of the Zoning Resolution. This includes all new construction within a B-3 or B-4 district if it does not meet the Administrative Review process. 

Architectural Sign Package (ASP) - To apply for approval of allowing unique signage packages for large retail centers.

Landscape Site Review (LSR) - To apply for approval of unique landscaping design for retail centers.

Austin Center General Development Plan (ACGD) - Development approval process for all parcels with an Austin Center "AC" designation.

Outdoor Advertising (OA) - Approval of any outdoor advertising sign that meets certain criteria.

Zoning Text Amendment (TA) - Contact a member of the Community Development Staff.

Zoning Commission - Planned Developments

To change the zoning of a property into a Planned Development two options are available - to provide a preliminary plan with general site design and development standards or to provide full development materials, including site, landscaping, lighting, and building elevations.  Zoning Commission applications require an application fee in advance. Please see our Zoning Fee Schedule (click here) and include the required fee when submitting your application. 

Rezoning with Preliminary Development Plan (RZ-PDP) - To change the zoning of a property into a Preliminary Development Plan

Final Development Plan / Tenant Fit-Up (FDP) - To finalize a portion of a Planned Development that already has a Preliminary Development Plan in place. This application is also used to permit final tenant fit-ups for buildings already approved.

Major Modification to a PDP or FDP (MJM) - To make a modification to a previously approved Preliminary or Final Development Plan.

Minor Modification to FDP (MM)   An Administrative/Staff level approval to permit minor changes to a previously approved Final Development Plan. Generally for small landscaping, lighting, or signage modifications.

All applications are provided in PDF format.  If you are unable to download an application please apply online or pick up a paper copy at our office. If you have any questions concerning the application or material requested, please call the Community Development Office at 937-433-3426 for assistance.