Miami Township is a community of contrasts with both a rural and urban mix. The township is located in the extreme south-central portion of Montgomery County, Ohio. The city of Miamisburg is located within Miami Township and occupies approximately 11 square miles. The unincorporated portion of Miami Township contains approximately 21 square miles of land. Miami Township is located just 11 miles from downtown Dayton and 41 miles from downtown Cincinnati.

The central natural identifier of Miami Township is the Great Miami River, flowing north to south through the western portion of the township. The eastern portion of the township can be readily identified by the location of Interstate 75 and the junction of Interstate 75 and Interstate 675. These two transportation corridors meet at the hub of the township’s commercial district, which is easily identifiable as the home of the Dayton Mall.

General Trends & Census Information

Miami Township has nearly doubled its population over the last 50 years. The township experienced relatively rapid growth after 1980. This may be attributed in large part to the completion of Interstate 675, which placed Miami Township at the juncture of two major transportation corridors. The completion of the Dayton Mall around 1970 began the transformation of Miami Township’s east side from a relatively rural residential setting to its current urbanized commercial core. The 1980s and 1990s also saw significant expansion of the stock of multiple-family housing in Miami Township.

In 2009-2010 the Austin Center exit was completed which created additional growth and demand in Miami Township. This new intersection off I-75 created additional development lots and saw strong business growth.