Does the Township prioritize complaints? I don’t feel like mine get answered.
Miami Township does not prioritize complaints. We work through each and every complaint that we receive. Many times we receive multiple complaints on a single property. Other times, we have already noticed an issue and have started the process to correct the problem. The Planning and Zoning Department must follow the approved Zoning Resolution and cannot require a neighbor to do something not specifically addressed in the code. Often times, this means that a complaint will be recorded, but no solution is necessary, as there is no violation. With such a large township, and a small staff to oversee it, we work hard to deal with violations in a timely manner. Many times violations occur in areas in which no one complains or even knows that they are in violation. We are constantly working on a mix of complaint driven violations, as well as personally viewed violations, which keeps our staff very busy. If it has been a while and you don’t feel that the issue has been resolved, please call us and we will update you on our progress.

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14. Does the Township prioritize complaints? I don’t feel like mine get answered.
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