Parks Department 


The need for recreational services is vital to a thriving community. Miami Township developed the Parks Department in the 1970s to provide our residents with safe, clean, well maintained spaces for outdoor recreation. It is responsible for maintaining approximately 140 acres of land.

Waldruhe Park Scenic

Park System Revitalization Efforts 2017-20

Townships across the state of Ohio have been under constant pressure to identify alternative ways to fund government services due to the continued elimination of vital revenue sources. Miami Township has been more successful then most communities at creating new revenue mechanisms to minimize the negative impacts on services provided, but unfortunately has not yet been able to completely bridge this funding gap. For communities without an operating levy to support park maintenance, reduction in funding park improvements has been a common operating adjustment to balance yearly budgets. Despite this trend, the Board of Trustees determined the park system to be a priority for the township in a strategic planning process completing in 2015 and again in 2017 when the comprehensive plan was re-evaluated.

The Board was successful in securing $80,000 of funding for park improvements through one alternate source beginning in 2017. This amount is expected to increase by $5,000 per year over the next 10 years. The new source of funds was used in 2017 to remove severely deteriorated tennis courts and renovate 2 ball diamonds at Miami View Park. Near future uses of these funds will be directed at upgrades to the township park system’s access drives and parking lots, replacement of play equipment, restoration of athletic fields, installation of new park identification signs and restoration of the tree canopy due to extensive damages created by the Emerald Ash Borer.

In 2018, the following improvements were completed:

  • Reeder Park play equipment replacement 
  • Reeder Park 2-bay swing set addition. (Miami Township and The Reeder Park Fund jointly funded this neighborhood project)
  • Layer Park play equipment replacement and shelter door replacement. Park   upgrades from the US EPA construction project included: replacement of parking lot, replacement of basketball courts and goals, replacement of single bay swing set, replacement of cooking grills and benches and replacement of 60+ native trees.
  • Waldruhe Park fall zone material replacement from sand to engineered wood fiber mulch and replacement of 2 bay swing set
  • Miami View Park, Omietanski Park, Zengel Park and Crains Run Park fall zone material replacement from sand to engineered wood fiber mulch
  • Zengel Park two bay swing set addition
  • Waldruhe Park replacement of entry signage and planting of trees to continue re-forestation of park

In 2019, the following improvements were completed:

  • Layer Park ADA accessible asphalt path from parking lot to amenities
  • Omietanski Park and Crains Run Park 4 bay swing set addition
  • Chautauqua 8th Street Park play equipment replacement
  • Chautauqua Cromer Park fall zone material replacement to engineered wood fiber mulch
  • Zengel Park and Layer Park entry sign replacement
  • Miami View Park pond aerator replacement
  • Miami View Park and Layer Park sport field renovations
  • Re-forestation program at Reeder Park, Zengel Park and Waldruhe Park

Improvements 2020 and Beyond:

  • Miami Township is fully staffing the Parks Department and eliminating the need for bidding turf maintenance services to local contractors. Miami Township performed all park maintenance tasks for many decades before the year 2010
  • The recreational fishing pond will be renovated at Miami View Park in 2020. 
  • The Ball Diamonds at Miami View Park and Layer Park will be ready for reservation. Please contact the Public Works Department for reserving a diamond 
  • Park shelters will be renovated and a few shelters will be added to the park system to be available for rental
  • The re-forestation program will continue in all Township parks by planting native and hardy tree species to restore natural areas and provide shade for park visitors
  • Continued replacement of park system entry signage

Township Maintenance Responsibilities

In 2010, Miami Township reduced staffing in the Parks Department and began bidding turf mowing/ landscape maintenance services out to local contractors for maintenance of parks and Township owned properties. This practice ended in 2020 and Township staff (1 Salaried Supervisor, 2 full-time Parks Workers, 2 Seasonal Parks Workers) now maintains all parks and Township owned grounds. Below is a list of tasks completed by the Parks Supervisor and staff members:

  •  Emptying park trash receptacles 
  •  Weekly playground inspections
  •  Picnic table and trash receptacle maintenance  
  •  Shelter installation and maintenance 
  •  Vandalism repairs
  •  Barrier fence maintenance
  •  Monument and directional sign maintenance
  •  Recreational trail maintenance 
  •  Tree and stump removal 
  •  Brush line trimming
  •  Right of way litter control 
  •  Hill Grove Union Cemetery aid (with City of Miamisburg)
  •  Play equipment installation and maintenance 
  •  Noxious weed control 
  •  Sport field maintenance 
  •  Landscaping irrigation maintenance
  •  Landscape/ Plant material installations- Water supply bag filling 
  •  Resolving resident concerns 
  •  Grounds and Landscape maintenance
  • Turf and Plant pesticide applications

Click here to view a list of Township maintained parks and amenities for more information.