Before the Miami Township Police Department was formed in the mid-1950s, the only form of law enforcement was a one-man volunteer constable system. According to historical documents, the original Miami Township Police Department was located at what is now Fire Station #2 at the comer of Jomar Avenue and Springboro Pike. The police chief at that time was Albert Engle who headed the department until 1959.

From 1959 until 1963, Chief Estis Lawrence served as chief of police and continued to serve a rapidly growing community. During 1960, the Miami Township Police Department had only three patrol cars and a River Patrol Boat to use on the Great Miami River.

Chief Edward Woodward, served the community as chief of police from 1963–1978 while the business population prospered. The Dayton Mall was built and brought many more demands upon the department. During his command, the police department headquarters was moved to Miamisburg-Centerville Road at the current location of Wendy’s Restaurant. Officers patrolled the Dayton Mall area during this time by motorcycle. In 1969, the police department was relocated to 2700 Lyons Road, sharing space with the township administrative offices.

James Moore became chief of police in 1978 and served until 1988. During Chief Moore’s administration, the township continued to enjoy rapid growth in both residential and business development. The department began to function as a full-time agency. The increased demand for services and greater number of full-time officers made it necessary to move again. This move brought the department to its current location, 2660 Lyons Road.

From 1988 until 1996, Chief Thomas Angel directed the department. During Chief Angel’s administration, the police department was expanded in 1995 to better meet the needs of the community and the officers.

John “Chris” Krug became the chief of police in November 1996. Under Chief Krug’s guidance, the department grew professionally. Under Chief Krug’s administration, changes were made to the building in the detective section and locker room. Chief Krug led department advancement in the rapidly changing environment of computer technology for police cruisers adding Mobile Data Terminals and in-car camera systems. In October of 2011, a new canine program was added to the patrol section. Chief Krug retired in June 2013 after almost 17 years with the department.

Chief Ronald L. Hess became the chief of police in July 2013. The strategic plan authored by Chief Hess has continued to build on the dedicated staff of sworn officers and professional staff who display the department’s core values in their service to our community. Chief Hess has balanced individual needs with department goals and objectives. He has expanded the work force, focused on community-oriented policing, implemented efficient software systems, introduced in-house training concepts for career development and led his department to the coveted CALEA accreditation in July 2017.

Chief Charlie Stiegelmeyer became the Chief of Police in May 2019 after Hess became township administrator. He is the eighth sworn officer to become the township chief. Chief Stiegelmeyer’ s vision for the Miami Township Police Department includes; implementing programs to build better police/community relationships, implementing modern technology to help officers prevent and detect criminal activity more efficiently and to balance the needs of the department with the needs of the community.  Chief Stiegelmeyer will continue to build upon the police department’s core values and ensure these values resonate through the staff and out into the community.