Leaf Collection Weekly Updates

Leaf Map 2018

The 2022 Leaf Collection Program begins November 1, 2022, depending on leaf fall. Crews will start each cycle in the northern most section of the township, near the city of Kettering/Moraine borders. Two leaf loaders will be used.  A third leaf loader crew will be added as necessary. The Leaf Collection Program requires the use of all eight full-time hourly Road Department staff and potentially Parks Department staff. The street sweeper will be used periodically during and after the program schedule. Crews complete at least two collection cycles on every street in the 91 mile public roadway network.  

Collection cycle routes:

  1. Huber subdivision- Stroop Road to Alex Bell Road (near city of Moraine- pink area in map) 
  2. Spring Valley subdivision- Alex Bell Road to Cox Arboretum (west side of SR 741- lime green in map)
  3. Singing Hills/Brendonwood subdivision- Washington Township border (east side of SR 741-yellow in map)
  4. Vienna Park subdivision- SR 741 east to Mad River Road (orange in map)
  5. Kingswood subdivision- Both sides of Mad River Road (north of Dayton Mall-purple in map)
  6. Villages of Miami subdivision- SR 741 to Washington Church Road (south of Dayton Mall- light blue in map)
  7. Crains Run subdivision- Off Miamisburg Springboro Road and Crains Run Road (red in Map- might appear orange)
  8. Quail Creek subdivision- Entrances at Medlar Road (near Pipestone Golf Course- (red in map- might appear orange)
  9. Rural roadways- East and west of Great Miami River (royal blue in map)
  10. Chautauqua subdivision- West of Great Miami River (near city of Carlisle- royal blue in map)
  11. Bear Creek Estates subdivision- West of Great Miami River (royal blue in map)

2022 Updates:

Week of October 16, 2022

Public Works is making preparations for the upcoming 2022 leaf season that will begin on November 1st.  Road crews just finished giving our oldest leaf machine a fresh coat of paint. (R-22 pictured below)  This machine was purchased in 1972 and has been a staple in our leaf collection program the past 50 years for the residents of Miami Township. 

Public Works - R22 Leaf Machine

Week of October 23, 2022

With the official start of leaf collection next week, the Road Department is making final preparations to equipment.  Leaf boxes get installed on trucks and machines will be attached to the trucks.  The Fleet Department will conduct one final inspection to the trucks and machines making sure all equipment is in proper working order. 


Week of October 31, 2022

First Round of Leaf Collection

This week is the official start to the 2022 Leaf Collection Program. All subdivisions will receive a first round of collection.  Two road crews started in the Huber South (Pink) subdivision and will work south.  One crew started in the Vienna Park (Orange) subdivision and will work North.  On Wednesday, November 2, all three crews started the Spring Valley (Green) subdivision.  Our diverse strategy to target high volume area's while working North to South has been effective.  Road Crews entered Singing Hills (Yellow) Thursday afternoon and have of few streets left to finish as of Friday evening.  Crews will be back through Vienna Park (Orange) and start in Kingswood (Purple) on Saturday, November 5th. 

Road Crews will perform several rounds to give residents time needed to place leaves on the curb line for collection.  Please help our crews by not parking on top of leaf piles. Continue to check weekly updates here to be informed when we will be in your area.  If you have any concerns, please contact Public Works at (937) 866-4661.

2022 - October Leaf Collection

Week of November 6, 2022 

Road operations have extended hours this week as we collect leaves from residential neighborhoods.  Road crews will be working 10 hour days this week and observe Veterans Day this coming Friday.  Updates will be posted daily to this webpage in order to enhance our communication and give effective timelines of when we will be in your area.

  • Monday, November 7th - Road Crews finished Vienna Park (Orange) and continue to work South into Kingswood (Purple).  High winds affected leaf collection the past Saturday, and Road crews will return for another round of collection once the first round is completed.
  • Tuesday, November 8th - Road Crews completed Kingswood (Purple) shortly after lunch and have begun collection in the Villages of Miami (Light Blue).  They will be in this area for the rest of the day and pick back up where they left off in the morning.  
  • Wednesday, November 9th - Road crews finished Villages of Miami (Light Blue) this afternoon.  Road crews have moved into the next neighborhood and are beginning leaf collection in Crains Run / Quail Creek (Red) area.  Then on to Chautauqua, Bear Creek Estates, Rural Roadways (Royal Blue). 
  • Thrusday, November 10th - Leaf collection was completed in Crains Run / Quail Creek (Red), Chautauqua, Bear Creek Estates, Rural Roadways (Royal Blue).
  • Friday, November 11th - No leaf collection as Public Works observes Veterans Day.  Public Works extends sincere gratitude for all of the sacrifices you have made on our behalf. Thank you for your service. 

If you have any concerns, please contact Public Works at (937) 866-4661 or email publicworks@miamitownship.com

2022 November Leaf Collection

Week of November 13, 2022 

Second Round of Leaf Collection

 The second round begins in Huber South (Pink) with all three crews working South across the Township. Road crews will continue working 10 hour days, Monday through Thursday this week.

  • Monday, November 14th - Road crews will finish the remaining piles on Manning Road, then proceed to Huber South (Pink) for the second round of leaf collection.  Please place leaves along the curb line for leaf collection.  Help us by not parking on leaf piles or adding yard debris to the leaf pile.   
  • Tuesday, November 15th - Road crews started in the Spring Valley (Lime Green) subdivision this morning and completed the plat shortly after lunch. Singing Hills (Yellow) is underway for its second round of leaf collection.
  • Wednesday, November 16th - Road Crews finished Singing Hills, Vienna Park (Orange) and Kingswood (Purple).
  • Thursday, November 17th - Road crews will start collection in the Villages of Miami (Light Blue), and progress toward Crains Run / Quail Creek (Red),  Chautauqua, Bear Creek Estates, Rural Roadways (Royal Blue).  
  • Friday, November 18th - Road crews off.  Leaf collection resume on Monday, November 21st.

2022 November Leaf Collection - Spring Valley Subdivision

Week of November 20, 2022

  • Monday, November 21st - Remaining Rural Roadways (Royal Blue) will complete the second round of leaf collection.
  • Tuesday, November 22nd - Clean up machines and trucks.  Prepare equipment for final round of leaf collection.
  • Wednesday, November 23rd - Clean up machines and trucks.  Prepare equipment for final round of leaf collection.  Miami Township Public Works would like to wish our residents a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Operations suspended November 24 and 25, 2022, for Thanksgiving holiday

Week of November 27, 2022

Third and Final Round of Leaf Collection

The final round of leaf collection begins today on Monday, November 28th.  This is the last time Road Crews will be through the Township collecting leaves.  Please have your leaves along the curb line for collection.  At the conclusion of this round, any remaining leaves can be mulched or placed in biodegradable bags for Rumpke's trash services.  More information regarding Rumpke yard waste pickup can be found at https://www.rumpke.com/for-your-home/yard-waste.

  • Monday, November 28th - Road Crews started the final round of collection in Huber South (Pink), Spring Valley (Lime Green), and Singing Hills (Yellow).
  • Tuesday, November 29th - Vienna Park (Orange), Kingswood (Purple)
  • Wednesday, November 30th - Villages of Miami (Light Blue), Crains Run / Quail Creek (Red),  Chautauqua, Bear Creek Estates. 
  • Thursday, December 1st -  Rural Roadways (Royal Blue). The final round of leaf collection was completed on December 1st.  Road crews will clean leaf equipment up and start preparations for the winter weather season.  

Program Conclusion

Miami Township completed the final round of the 2022 season on December 1, 2022. All neighborhoods received at least 3 collection cycles. Crews collected 299 truck loads of compacted leaves.