Leaf Collection Daily Updates

Leaf Map 2018

The 2023 Leaf Collection Program began October 30, 2023, and ended at the beginning of December, depending on leaf fall. Crews will start each cycle in the northern most section of the township, near the city of Kettering/Moraine borders. Two leaf loaders will be used.  A third leaf loader crew will be added as necessary. The Leaf Collection Program requires the use of all eight full-time hourly Road Department staff and potentially Parks Department staff. The street sweeper will be used periodically during and after the program schedule. Crews complete at least two collection cycles on every street in the 91 mile public roadway network.  

Collection cycle routes:

  1. Huber subdivision- Stroop Road to Alex Bell Road (near city of Moraine- pink area in map) 
  2. Spring Valley subdivision- Alex Bell Road to Cox Arboretum (west side of SR 741- lime green in map)
  3. Singing Hills/Brendonwood subdivision- Washington Township border (east side of SR 741-yellow in map)
  4. Vienna Park subdivision- SR 741 east to Mad River Road (orange in map)
  5. Kingswood subdivision- Both sides of Mad River Road (north of Dayton Mall-purple in map)
  6. Villages of Miami subdivision- SR 741 to Washington Church Road (south of Dayton Mall- light blue in map)
  7. Crains Run subdivision- Off Miamisburg Springboro Road and Crains Run Road (red in Map- might appear orange)
  8. Quail Creek subdivision- Entrances at Medlar Road (near Pipestone Golf Course- (red in map- might appear orange)
  9. Rural roadways- East and west of Great Miami River (royal blue in map)
  10. Chautauqua subdivision- West of Great Miami River (near city of Carlisle- royal blue in map)
  11. Bear Creek Estates subdivision- West of Great Miami River (royal blue in map)

2022 - October Leaf Collection

2023 Updates:

Leaf season begins Monday, October 30, 2023. 

  • Monday, October 30th - The start of leaf season has begun.  Two crews will start in Kingswood (Purple) and one crew will start on Vienna Woods Trail (Orange).  All three crews will be working North.  Our goal today and tomorrow is to get larger piles on streets that do not have sidewalks for trick-or-treaters.  
  • Tuesday, October 31st - Happy Halloween from your Public Works Department!  Crews are finishing streets in Vienna Park (Orange) around Carinthia, Innsbrook, Swissway and Rosecliff.  After lunch they will move into Brendenwood (Yellow) and start around Karlsridge.  
  • Wednesday, November 1st - Road Crews are finishing Munger Road, Munger Pointe, and Aspen Ridge this morning.  The crews will be splitting up to finish the rest of Singing Hills (Yellow) today.  One crew will start on Silvercliff Drive.  A second crew will start on Eckley Blvd, while the third crew begins collection on Cindy Drive.  Around 1:00pm crews moved across State Route 741 to the Spring Valley (Lime Green) subdivision.  Streets that they are starting with are Homedale Street, Carnation Road, and Dahlia Drive.
  • Thursday, November 2nd - Crews finished leaf collection in Spring Valley (Lime Green) this morning and have started in the Huber South subdivision (Pink) shortly after lunch time.  One crew started on the West side of Lamme road while another crew began on Stroop Road access.  The third crew will be working the interior streets of Huber South.
  • Friday, November 3rd - Crews continue collection in the Huber South (Pink) subdivision and will most likely finish this area mid-day.  They will move to the Villages of Miami (Light Blue) after that.  One Crew will start in Heritage Glen area, another start off Arboridge Lane, and the last crew will come in the south side starting on Edgerton Drive. 

2023 Leaf Collection 1

Week of November 6, 2023.

  • Monday, November 6th - Road crews begin 10-hour day shifts for leaf collection.  Our staff continued collection in the Villages of Miami (Light Blue) and finished this morning.  Two Crews moved into Crains Run and Quail Creek (Red) for collection while the third crew is in Chautauqua subdivision (Royal Blue).  Update: Crews finished the rural roadways (Royal Blue) mid-afternoon and have moved to Huber South (Pink) for the start of the SECOND ROUND. During the second round we start at the Northern edge off Stroop Road and move South through the subdivisions.  
  • Tuesday, November 7th - Leaf crews finished Huber South (Pink) this morning around 9:30 am.  They are now splitting up to start in Spring Valley (Lime Green).  One crew will start at Keith Drive and Homedale street while another crew starts at the top on Carnation Road.  The third crew will start on Dahlia Drive.  With the longer work hours, crews will get to Singing Hills (Yellow) this afternoon.
  • Wednesday, November 8th - As the sunrises this morning, our crews are are headed back to Singing Hills/Brendonwood (Yellow) to finish up.  One Crew is headed to finish Marigold Drive, the second crew will start on Symphony Way, and the third will be on Loris Drive.  By mid-morning they will mover over to the Munger Road area.  Munger Pointe, Gentry Woods, and Karlsridge Drive are all on schedule for today before heading to Vienna Park (Orange).
  • Thursday, November 9th - Leaf crews will pickup where they left off yesterday evening in Vienna Park (Orange) and make their way to Kingswood (Purple).  They will be starting on Mohawk Trail, Carinthia Drive, and Linwald Lane.  We may make it back to Villages of Miami (Light Blue) later today.
  • Friday, November 10th - Veterans Day observed.  No leaf collection this day.  We extend our sincerest appreciation for those who have served in our Armed Forces.  Thank you from Miami Township Public Works.

2023 Leaf Collection 2

Week of November 13, 2023.

  • Monday, November 13th - Each morning crews inspect leaf collection machines to make sure they are in top operating condition.  They blow out radiator's, grease movable joints, check drive belts, and check tire pressures.  Our operating hours continue this week at 10-hour workdays.  Crews will begin this morning in the Villages of Miami (Light Blue) and then continue to Crains Run/ Quail Creek subdivisions (Red).  Update: Crews finished the rural roadways (Royal Blue) this afternoon.
  • Tuesday, November 14th - This morning crews will start another collection round in Huber South (Pink) and should finish this subdivision around lunch time.  This afternoon they will move into Spring Valley (Lime Green) and split up starting around Homedale Street, Jassamine Drive, and Morning Glory Drive.
  • Wednesday, November 15th - Crews are headed this morning to finish up a few streets in Spring Valley (Lime Green) and moving over to Singing Hills (Yellow).  Once completed, they will head to Vienna Park (Orange) this afternoon.
  • Thursday, November 16th - Vienna Park (Orange) will be completed this morning and then crews will move into Kingswood (Purple).  They will begin the morning on Mowhawk Trail and Old Vienna Drive.  Update:2:43 pm. Crews finished Kingswood (Purple) and are completing a few collection spots in the Crains Run area.  
  • Friday, November 17th - No collection today.  Crews worked four 10-hour days and performed collection across the Township this week.  The Final Round of leaf collection begins after Thanksgiving.

Week of November 20, 2023.

  • No leaf collection this week.  Crews will perform maintenance on collection equipment and prepare for the final round. Please have all leaf piles to the curb before Monday the 27th.  Have a great Thanksgiving from your Public Works Department.

2023 leaf Collection 3

Week of November 27, 2023.

  • Final Round of Leaf Collection Begins.  Please have all leaves to the curb as this is the last collection for leaf season.
  • Monday, November 27th - Crews began the last round of leaf collection services in the Huber South subdivision (Pink).  The three crews split up and start in different areas to to maximize efficiency.  One crew starts on Mallet Club Drive, another crew starts on Stroop Access, and the third crew takes the West side of Lamme starting on Bushwick Drive.  
  • Tuesday, November 28th -  This morning crews will be in the Spring Valley (Lime Green) subdivision.  They are starting On Keith Drive, Dahlia Drive, and Carnation Road. Update: Crews completed spring Valley and started in Singing Hills (Yellow) late in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday, November 29th - Leaf collection continues in Singing Hills (Yellow) this morning on Eckley Boulevard, Pine Grove Drive, Loris Drive.  As the move toward Munger Road, they will begin Vienna Park (Orange) this afternoon.
  • Thursday, November 30th - Vienna Park (Orange) was finished today and most of Kingswood (Purple).
  • Friday, December 1st - Crews will finish Kingswood (Purple) and move in the Villages of Miami (Light Blue) in the afternoon.
  • Monday, December 4th - The rain last Friday made progress slow down during collection.  Crews are starting this morning back in the Villages of Miami (Light Blue) and have completed collection in the area.  Update: Crews completed Crains Run/ Quail Creek (Red) and Chautauqua (Royal Blue).  They also completed other areas in the Rural sector of the Township.
  • Tuesday, December 5th - Due to weather, the remaining ditch lines in the rural areas will be cleared tomorrow.  
  • Wednesday, December 6th - Rural Roadways (Royal Blue) will be completed this morning.  

The 2023 Leaf Collection Program has come to an end.  

Program Conclusion

Miami Township completed the final round of the 2023 season December 6, 2023. All neighborhoods received at least 4 collection cycles. 295 loads of leaves were collected in 2023.