Leaf Collection

2023 Schedule

The 2023 Leaf Collection Program begins October 30, 2023, depending on leaf fall. Leaves are collected only on dedicated public roadways. Visit our Daily Updates page to view collection schedules and a summary of the route progression. A color coded street map helps explain where crews are working each day. 

The program will initially consist of at least two complete rounds of leaf collection working from north to south, but schedule adjustments are possible. The final round will begin November 27, 2023. Please have all leaves curbside by November 27 to ensure leaves are collected regardless of the actual day crews arrive on your street. 

Residential advice:

  • Place leaf piles at the back of the curb, on the grass. Leaves should not be placed in the roadway. Placing leaf piles in the roadway creates a safety hazard and potential liability. It also causes delays in service.
  • Mulch or rake leaves often. Mulching supplies the turf with nutrients necessary for a healthy lawn, lowers program expenses and accelerates the collection process.
  • Do not place leaves in front of or directly into storm water catch basins. 
  • Do not mix grass clippings, fertilizer, sticks and other debris in with the leaves. Crews will not pick up leaf piles covered with limbs or leaf piles with limbs under the leaves.
  • Avoid parking vehicles on or near leaf piles. Crews report and record all obstacles that hinder the ability to collect leaves by noting the nearest home address.
  • Township crews will not collect bagged leaves placed curbside. 

Alternatives to collection:

  • Mulch with lawnmower.
  • Compost leaves - Click for more information.
  • Properly bag for Rumpke trash pickup; Contact Rumpke Customer Service at (800) 828-8171 with questions.
  • Montgomery County residents may dispose of yard waste free of charge at:
    Montgomery County Solid Waste District Transfer and Recycling Facility
    1001 Encrete Lane
    Moraine, OH, 45439
    Drop-off hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.