Posted on: October 24, 2017

Dayton Mall Sears Auto Center redevelopment plans announced

One of the first redevelopment projects at the Dayton Mall since adoption of the Dayton Mall Area Master Plan, is set to begin. Miami Township has been working over the last year with Seritage Growth Properties, owners of the Sears site at the Dayton Mall, on a redevelopment plan for the now closed Sears Auto Center.

The project plans include one space for a new Outback restaurant and space for at least one additional tenant. The project is the first step in what officials view as a long-term strategy under the Dayton Mall Area Master Plan to bring new uses and activity into the east end of the Dayton Mall site.

“We are encouraged that Seritage Growth Properties views our area as a strong growth market for them to invest the resources into redevelopment of the auto center site,” Chris Snyder, Miami Township community development director, said. “We have discussed with Seritage how this project will fit within our long-term strategy for the mall site. Seritage has worked with us to meet many of the new design standards as they completely renovate the existing structure.”

The mall master plan made redevelopment discussions between the township, mall ownership and ownership of the Sears site, much more productive and successful. The new site will significantly enhance the landscaping and aesthetics of the building as it is transformed from an auto center into new restaurant and retail spaces.


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