Gas/Electric Aggregation


3/24/2023 Update: 

The Board of Trustees approved an amended electric aggregation agreement (Resolution #35-2023) at the Tuesday, March 21, 2023, meeting to authorize an electricity supply agreement for customers in the Duke Energy service territory. As a result, Trebel Energy was able negotiate a fixed price with Energy Harbor for $0.0689/KWh for a 24-month term from June 2023 – June 2025 for Duke customers. Trebel Energy is also currently negotiating a price for natural gas. Trustees approved Resolution #34-2023 allowing negotiations to move forward to secure a price at or below $0.0499/Ccf by June 30.

The Board of Trustees approved a resolution at its February 7, 2023, business meeting, to authorize an electric aggregation agreement with Energy Harbor as negotiated by Trebel Energy.

The fixed rate agreed upon with Energy Harbor is 6.99 cents per KWh for 26 months. This plan also includes a carbon free option for 7.29 cents per KWh for 26 months. Read more.

As of February 21, 2023, affected residents and businesses will be receiving information in the mail with complete information about electric rates through Energy Harbor and how to opt out should you choose not to participate. Residents are automatically enrolled. There is no fee to opt out at anytime. CLICK to view the full letter being mailed:

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Program history:

02/07/2023: Trebel Energy advised the township that it will not secure an agreement at this time to secure a natural gas aggregation agreement as the market value is not falling as hoped. The Board of Trustees and administrative staff continue to monitor the situation alongside Trebel and look toward to a possible late springtime bid. The board approved the electric rate with Harbor Energy.

11/4/2022:  The board voted to authorize Trebel Energy to secure a natural gas aggregation agreement (Resolution #97-2022) if the market value falls below a set price. To watch the Trebel Energy presentation in its entirety to the Board of Trustees, CLICK NOW

8/17/2022: The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) issued Miami Township certificates authorizing us to provide competitive natural gas and electric governmental aggregator services.Trebel Energy advises that their representatives do not recommend going out for bids at this time due to current market conditions. A discussion was held about aggregation during a work session at the Board of Trustees meeting August 16, 2022. Watch that discussion by CLICKING NOW.

All questions/inquiries must be made to Energy Harbor or Trebel Energy:

Trebel Energy: (877) 861-2772  -

Energy Harbor: (866) 636-3749 -