Current Zoning Commission Cases

Meeting Materials

Cases that are pending before the Miami Township Zoning Commission are located below. Materials submitted in applications are subject to change. Materials will be updated as plans evolve prior to the Zoning Commission hearing. If you would like to review the complete application, please contact the Community Development Department. 

Cases scheduled to be heard on November 20, 2018:

ZC 434-18 - REZONING OF MULTIPLE PARCELS - Generally known as Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport.

  • ZC 434-18 Application and Plan Materials (click to download)

  • Draft Development Standards (click to download)

    • A rezoning has been requested by the City of Dayton / Dayton - Wright Brothers Airport to rezone six parcels of land. 
    • This rezoning DOES NOT relate to any specific changes being made to the airport at this time (including any future runway expansion or airport growth plan)
    • This rezoning DOES NOT relate to the property outside of the general boundary of the airport property (i.e. the property north of Austin Boulevard).
    • This rezoning DOES relate to the creation of new planned development standards, "PD-5" Planned Mixed-Use Designation, and approved site plan for the airport property.
    • This rezoning DOES define what uses can be approved on the east side of the airport in the future.
    • This rezoning DOES allow a digital advertising sign to be constructed on SR 741 near the Warren County border.