Code Enforcement

Miami Township actively monitors and enforces community standards adopted under the Zoning Resolution and the Exterior Property Maintenance Resolution.  The Miami Township Zoning Inspector is tasked with most of the day to day work of addressing resident concerns regarding the adherence to these standards throughout the community.  This service protects the property values of our neighborhoods by addressing nuisance issues and other situations where properties may not be in compliance with the adopted standards.  The services provided as part of this program include, in part:
  • Regular visits to each neighborhood to identify potential zoning violations
  • Investigation of complaints received by the Planning & Zoning Office concerning potential violations
  • Investigation and processing of properties that may need abatement due to neglected lawns, or the placement of junk or other debris around the property
  • Working with property owners and insurance companies in cases of fire damage to ensure timely removal of hazardous or blighting conditions