Parks Maintenance

The need to provide areas for both active and passive recreation was never more apparent than in today’s fast-paced world. In recognition of this, Miami Township developed a Parks Department responsible for maintaining approximately 140 acres of land dedicated to the recreational needs of our residents. It is the goal of the Parks Department to provide residents and visitors with safe, clean, well maintained parks for outdoor recreation.

In 2010, Miami Township began bidding turf mowing and landscape maintenance services out to local contractors for maintenance of parks and Township owned properties. Below is a list of tasks not included in the annual mowing contract. The tasks are completed by the Parks Supervisor and Road Department staff members. 

  •   Emptying trash receptacles 
  •   Weekly playground checks  
  •   Picnic table maintenance
  •   Trash receptacle painting
  •   Shelter maintenance                     
  • Vandalism repairs
  •   Barrier fence repairs        
  •   Sign maintenance
  •   Walking trail maintenance                               
  • Bike path maintenance
  •   Tree and stump removal                    
  •   Brush line trimming
  •   Right of way litter control                 
  •   Hill Grove Cemetery aid
  •   Play equipment maintenance       
  • Noxious weed control
  •   Sport field maintenance                          
  • Irrigation maintenance
  •   Landscape water bag filling             
  •   Resolving resident concerns
  •   Landscape maintenance
View a list of Township maintained parks and amenities for more information.

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