Road Maintenance

Township Duties

Roadway maintenance involves a variety of seasonal operations performed throughout the year. The 10 full-time Road Department employees perform maintenance of nearly 91 center line miles (205 lane miles) of roadway and the accompanying road right-of-way. Maintenance duties for the department include:

Yearly Programs:

  • Roadway Crack Sealing Program- Preventive Maintenance (spring)
  • Right-of-way Storm Water System Management Program (fall)
  • Leaf Collection Program (fall)
  • Rural Roadside Litter Control Program (winter/spring)
  • Rural Right-of-Way Berm Mowing Program (spring/summer) 
  • Rural Right-of-Way Vegetation Control Program (winter)
  • Subdivision Street Sweeping Program (spring/summer/fall)
  • Traffic Sign (MUTCD) Inspection Program (winter)
  • Storm Water Inlet Maintenance Program- 2,400 Total (spring/summer)
  • Right-of-Way Subdivision Tree Trimming Program (winter)

Daily Activities:

  • Emergency Roadway Repairs
  • Routine Roadway Repairs
  • Emergency Roadway Obstruction Removal
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Rural Right-of-Way Ditch/ Berm Maintenance
  • Traffic Signs and Traffic Signal Repairs
  • Roadside Noxious Weed Control
  • Fleet Maintenance- Preventive Care Township Vehicles
  • Facility Cleaning/ Maintenance- Township Buildings
  • Service Calls- Resident Reports of Road Issues

Austin Landing Information

Austin Landing is located in southern Miami Township, just north of Austin Boulevard and east of Interstate 75. It is a mixed use development that is planned to contain multiple corporate offices, retail, hospitality, entertainment and residential uses. The project includes several public amenities, including a public park and recreational trails.

The Austin Landing development does contain public roadways and a public park, but Miami Township Public Works staff does NOT perform work in Austin Landing. The public amenities are funded by using TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) revenues and JEDD (Joint Economic Development District) revenues. Austin Landing is NOT funded by using resident’s property tax revenues. The site is under a maintenance agreement for the property’s developer to fund, manage and maintain all private and public features including: roadway maintenance and resurfacing, curbs, pavement markings, cross walks, snow removal, street sweeping, sidewalks, traffic signals storm water systems, landscape and irrigation systems, recreational amenities and park maintenance. 

TIF and JEDD revenues generated from Austin Landing DO support Miami Township departments and projects and DO offset revenue losses from the elimination of several taxing sources including tangible personal property taxes and estate taxes. Townships in Ohio do not collect sales tax and cannot impose an income tax on property owners. 

Other Public Services

Annual contracted resurfacing programs and permitting / inspection services for excavations within the right-of-way are other procedures under the direction of the Miami Township Street Supervisor. Refuse collection and street lighting repairs are contracted services for residents of Miami Township. Contact Rumpke at (800) 878-8171 for questions regarding refuse collection and scheduling and Miami Valley Lighting at (937) 259-7858 for street light repairs. Water supply and sanitary waste services are provided by the Montgomery County Environmental Services. Call (937) 781-2688 for Emergency Customer Service.

Montgomery County, ODOT and Private Development

In addition to the Township maintained roadways, there are other streets located within Miami Township that are controlled and maintained by the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Contact the local Montgomery County office at (937) 837-2528 and ODOT at (937) 832-1824. Privately owned and non-dedicated streets are maintained by respective owners or developers. View our "Master Street Index" to learn more about all the streets in Miami Township maintained by other agencies.

Miami Township Public/ Private Roadway Index