Trash / Recycling Information


As of January 1, 2018 Miami Township is switching trash providers to Rumpke Waste and Recycling from Waste Management.  This transition will follow the procedure below.  Additional information about this change is also below. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office- 937.433.9969.

New Contract (2018-2020)

Miami Township Trustees accepted a new three year contract with Rumpke in November 2017 after requesting bids from trash haulers in October.  The old contract was to expire at the end of 2017.

This contract is to guarantee a rate to all qualifying residential properties within the township.  The township does not get a franchise fee or any other financial benefit from this contract.  All costs and fees associated with this agreement are made between the residents and the trash hauler without the township's involvement in collection.

Service Sign-Up:

Residents are required to sign up for service with Rumpke.  Please call 1-800-828-8171 or email to confirm service and if you would like to rent a trash cart or not.


  • $12.75 / month for service.  There is no fuel surcharge.
  • $1.50 / month per toter to rent a 95 gallon trash toter.  This is not required.  You may use your own trash containers at no cost.
  • One 95 gallon recycling toter will be provided at no cost.  Additional recycling toters will cost $1.50 / month to rent.


The contract is a three year contract with two additional year extensions if the township wants to enter into them.  The rate for the three years is locked in at $12.75 / month.  The first optional extension year would have a rate of $13.26 and the second optional extension year would have a rate of $13.79.

The same agreement for service (with modifications noted below) that was approved under Waste Management is still in place under Rumpke.  That means the following:

  • No requirement to rent a toter.  Personal trash cans will be serviced as long as they do not weigh more than 60 lbs.
  • Unlimited trash collection.  No limit on the number of bags, cans, or toters collected at your residence.
  • Bi-weekly recycling pickup.
  • Ability to have bills pro-rated or have service stopped when going on extended vacations.

There are two major changes with the agreement to the service provided.  The first change is to whom is covered by the agreement.  The following properties are covered by the new contract:

  • Single family residential homes
  • Individual owners of condominiums
  • Individual owners of attached town homes

The second change is to the day of service.  Rumpke has broken service areas of the township into five sections, with service to each of those sections occurring on different days.  The map below will show you when your home will be serviced.  Recycling will occur bi-weekly on the same day as trash.  


 Click on the map below to locate your trash day service area.
Trash Service Schedule

 Click on the image below to view the recycling calendars.
Recycling Schedule

Click on the following links to view Rumpke's flyers sent to township residents in regards to service costs and guidelines.

Comparison to Current Agreement:

The chart below has been provided to show the cost comparison between the two bids received and the current rate.  Please note that our current rate includes a fuel surcharge.  This fee was added on top of the base rate.  On average it was between 10%-20% quarterly.

Base Fee Comparison
 Provider Monthly Cost
Annual Cost
 2017 WM Contract
$ 11.92  $143.04*
 2018 WM Bid
 $16.02  $192.24
 2018 Rumpke Bid
 $12.75  $153.00

*When using 15% fuel surcharge estimate the annual cost is $164.50

The cost for renting a trash toter which most people do rent, will be changing as well.  The current contract has a rental fee of $0.25 per month for the first toter and $3.00 per month for each additional.  The new contract has a rate of $1.50 for all toters.  When adding in rental of a single toter, the cost comparisons are below.

Base Fee + One Toter Rental Comparison
 Provider  Monthly Cost
 Annual Cost
 2017 WM Contract
 $12.17  $146.04
 2018 WM Bid
 $16.27  $195.24
 2018 Rumpke Bid
 $14.75  $171.00

*When using 15% fuel surcharge estimate the annual cost is $167.95

Transition Timeline

The following dates are important to keep in mind as the township transitions from one provider to the other:

  • December 18-22 - Rumpke carts will be delivered.  This will include a recycling cart that is 95 gallons.
  • December 28-30 - Waste Management will be collecting the old carts.  Please leave your carts out for collection.  This includes recycling carts, even if it isn't your week.
  • January 2 - Rumpke service will begin in the Township.  Service will be delayed by one day due to the holiday. 
  • January 4 - Waste Management will make one final pick up of old carts.

Waste Management Phone Number:  866-797-9018

Holiday Pickup
2017 Holiday Pickup Schedule

Billing Issues - 2015

As of January 1, 2015, the price for waste collection services within Miami Township dropped, per the new contract that was agreed to by the Board of Trustees in the fall of 2014. This price reduction should have been reflected on the bills that went out for the first quarter of 2015. Unfortunately, Waste Management made a mistake and billed residents at the 2014 rate.  This has caused many residents to call the township asking what is going on.

After discussing with Waste Management, there are two options for residents –
  1. An automatic credit will be placed on their account for the second quarter. The bill for the second quarter will be reduced the difference between the new cost and what the resident was billed under the old contract. This price difference is unique to each resident as it is dependent on whether you rent a toter or not.
  2. Residents can call 1-866-797-9018 to request refunds for the overage. Waste Management representatives are aware of the issue and will be able to help residents if they want to have the refund now.


Since roughly 1970 Miami Township had provided trash service through two property tax levies.  These levies covered the cost for waste and recycling services for Miami Township residents.  In 2012, residents voted down one of the two levies which required the township to change the way it provides trash service.

As of June 1, 2013, the waste disposal program in Miami Township moved to a residential fee system.  Contracts are negotiated by the township every three years (with two option years available) to secure a rate for all residents of the community.    Residents are billed by the waste hauler quarterly if they choose to have the service.  Residents may opt out of the program by calling the waste hauler directly.  Miami Township receives no compensation, franchise fees or benefits from this contract. 


In previous years, there were two tax levies shown on the yearly tax duplicate.  Since 2014, no trash levy from Miami Township has been shown on residents property taxes, but a $21.50 landfill fee from Montgomery County will be shown.

2014 Trash Survey

The Miami Township Board of Trustees requested feedback on the current trash service via an online survey that was available from June 1 through June 22 of 2014.  The results were presented to the Board of Trustees at the June 24, 2014 BOT Meeting.  A copy of the PowerPoint from that meeting will be available for download below after the meeting.

2014 PowerPoint Presentation - Trash Survey Results