Trash / Recycling Information

Rumpke Waste and Recycling began its service to the township on January 1, 2018, after the contract with Waste Management expired December 31, 2017 for a three year contract agreement.  

Rumpke was again selected to continue providing service to Miami Township resident's in October 2020 for three and a half more years with the new contract starting January 1, 2021 and ending June 30, 2024.

The Rumpke contract guarantees a rate to all qualifying residential properties within the township. The township does not get a franchise fee or any other financial benefit from this contract. All costs and fees associated with this agreement are made between the residents and the trash hauler without the township’s involvement in collection. Visit Rumpke online for more about their services.

Service Sign-Up:

Residents are required to sign up for service with Rumpke.  Please call 1-800-828-8171 or email to confirm service and if you would like to rent a trash cart or not.

Rates (as of January 1, 2021):

  • $14.65 / month for service.  There is no fuel surcharge.  This includes weekly trash and recycling service.
  • $1.50 / month per toter to rent a 95, 65, or 35 gallon trash toter.  This is not required.  You may use your own trash containers at no cost.
  • One 95 or 65 gallon recycling toter will be provided at no cost.  Additional recycling toters will cost $1.50 / month to rent.

Agreement (2021 thru 2024):

The contract is a three and half year contract with two additional year extensions if the township wants to enter into them.  The rate for the three and a half years is locked in at $14.65 / month for weekly trash and recycling service.  The first optional extension year would have a rate of $15.24 and the second optional extension year would have a rate of $15.85.

Some of the items of note within the contract:

  • No requirement to rent a toter.  Personal trash cans will be serviced as long as they do not weigh more than 60 pounds.
  • Unlimited trash collection.  No limit on the number of bags, cans, or toters collected at your residence.
  • Weekly recycling pickup on the same day as your trash collection.
  • Ability to have bills pro-rated or have service stopped when going on extended vacations.

The following properties are covered by the new contract:

  • Single family residential homes
  • Individual owners of condominiums
  • Individual owners of attached town homes


 Click on the map below to locate your trash day service area:

daily trash schedule

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Recycling FAQs

What can I recycle?

Recycling Tubs: Why Now?

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Since roughly 1970, Miami Township has provided trash service through two property tax levies. These levies covered the cost for waste and recycling services for Miami Township residents. In 2012, residents voted down one of the two levies which required the township to change the way it provides trash service.

As of June 1, 2013, the waste disposal program in Miami Township moved to a residential fee system. Contracts are negotiated by the township every three years (with two option years available) to secure a rate for all residents of the community. Residents are billed by the waste hauler quarterly if they choose to have the service. Residents may opt out of the program by calling the waste hauler directly. Miami Township receives no compensation, franchise fees or benefits from this contract.


In previous years, there were two tax levies shown on the yearly tax duplicate. Since 2014, no trash levy from Miami Township has been shown on residents property taxes, but a $21.50 landfill fee from Montgomery County will be shown.

2014 Trash Survey

The Miami Township Board of Trustees requested feedback on the current trash service via an online survey that was available from June 1 through June 22 of 2014. The results were presented to the Board of Trustees at the June 24, 2014 BOT Meeting. A copy of the PowerPoint from that meeting will be available for download below after the meeting.

2014 PowerPoint Presentation - Trash Survey Results (PDF)