Stormwater System

The Road Department performs a yearly Catch Basin and Dry Well Inspection program on Township maintained roadways. The program commences after the Leaf Collection Program ends each year. Crews inspect and record the condition of each catch basin and dry well located on Township maintained roadways. The basins are cleaned during inspection and a list is compiled of basins in need of repair. The repair process will begin in Spring and continue through the Summer months until all repairs are completed.

Catch Basin Drain Marking Program
In 2007, the Road Department began the process of applying stainless steel placards to all storm system catch basin lids and grates. The markers are stamped with the phrase “No Dumping - Drains to Waterway” and applied with an industrial strength adhesive. The goal of the program is to raise public awareness to the dangers of dumping waste products into the storm water system. This activity is part of Miami Township’s Annual Storm Water Management report submitted to Montgomery County and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Crews will continue the program until all storm water inlets in Miami Township are marked.
EPA Placard
Drains, Ditches & Watercourses Information
“The responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of drains, streams, ditches and watercourses, whether established County/Township ditches or not, rests entirely upon the land owners affected and benefited. It is not the obligation of the County/ Township to maintain or improve the storm drainage facilities across any individual’s property for either agricultural purposes or development of suburban home sites. When an individual purchases property, the principal of “Caveat Emptor” or “let the buyer beware”, is the purchaser’s best guideline. Land ownership has many potential and real benefits, but also comes with certain liabilities. Storm drainage facilities fall under the liability category of property ownership. These storm drainage facilities cannot be closed, obstructed or altered in any way which would reduce the capacity for conveying storm water across private property. Any owner is liable for upstream property damage for failure to properly maintain storm drainage facilities across his own property.” Passage from Montgomery County Engineer pamphlet, “Responsibility and Procedure for Improvement and Maintenance of Drains, Ditches and Watercourses.

The act of installing drainage tiles from downspouts and basement sump pumps out to the roadway is not permitted by Miami Township. Dumping excess water into the roadway or on sidewalks can create a public safety hazard and prematurely deteriorate the road surface and curb. For additional information call (937) 866-4661 weekdays between 7:00 a.m. & 3:30 p.m.