Permit / Applications

For successful processing of all permits and applications:

  • Fill in all information for the appropriate application form (Zoning or Sign certificate)
  • Attach a plot plan with the application
  • Print, sign, and date the application
  • Submit the application to the Community Development Office at 2700 Lyons Road.
  • Incomplete applications will not be received/processed until all required materials are provided.

General Permits

For standard development or construction on your property, one of the following certificates may be necessary.
  Fence Permit
Residential or Commercial Fence construction

  • Signage Permit
    • Any wall, free-standing, or event based signage. 
  • Temporary Sign Registration Form
    • For temporary signs that are larger than 32 square feet
  • General Zoning Certificate
    • Primary structures, accessory structures, facade renovations or any other construction on a property.
  • Declaration of Intent - Agricultural Exemption
    • Within the "A" Agricultural District, this form allows for the construction of a structure without a Zoning Certificate.  This exemption is permitted only for buildings that will be used solely for agricultural purposes and not for general storage or event structures.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Prior to completing the forms below, please contact Staff to discuss your potential case. 

  • Variance
    • On lots, parking counts, landscaping requirements, setbacks,  sign height or area, etc.
  • Conditional Use
    • Permits specific uses within a district, non-compliant lot splits, etc.
  • Administrative Appeal
    • Used to appeal the decision or interpretation of the Zoning Inspector, Staff, or the code. 
  • Non-Conforming Use Modification
    • To allow the expansion, repair, alteration, or reduction in a non-conforming use or structure

Zoning Commission

When submitting plans for the Zoning Commission please provide at least one set of plans 11 x 17 (or larger) and a second full size set of digital plans as a PDF or a second 11x17 (or larger) copy.

  • Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning)
    • To change the zoning of a property from one district to another.  Not for modification into a Planned Development.
  • Site Plan Review (SPR)
    • For approval under Article 7 of the Zoning Resolution.  This includes all new construction within a B-3 or B-4 district if it does not meet the Administrative Review process.
  • Planned Development Requests
Please fill in all the information requested on the form. If you have any questions concerning the application, please call the Community Development Office at 937-433-3426 for assistance.