What is Slurry Seal?

Slurry was invented in Germany in the 1930s as a fast setting, highly durable, low cost paving and surface treatment. Slurry Seal is a mix of small aggregate, emulsion, filler, and water applied with a truck mounted spreader box. Slurry applications correct small roadway deficiencies, provide a weather tight barrier, preserve asphalt pavement, and improve skid resistance.

When applied, the initial Slurry Seal surface will be slightly more coarse than an asphalt overlay surface, but will smooth out over time with vehicle traffic. Slurry Seal is a preventative maintenance product and extends the life of asphalt pavement. The Township has been using Slurry Seal as a preventative maintenance product for more than 25 years. Approximately 2-5 miles of Township roadways are resurfaced with Slurry each year.

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