2020 Resurfacing Program

The Road Department has completed the 2020 Resurfacing Program.  All streets on this year’s resurfacing schedule were crack sealed by Miami Township crews prior to the resurfacing applications. Sixteen (16) street sections totaling over 5 linear miles received an asphalt overlay. Most of the streets were completed through the City of Miamisburg Asphalt Resurfacing Program. The city included Township streets in their resurfacing bid. The bid results successfully lowered costs for both communities by bidding a larger volume of work. Six streets were resurfaced by including the work in an adjacent roadway extension project as a means of maximizing fiscal responsibility to Miami Township residents. Property tax funds were not used for any of these roadway improvements. Gas and License Taxes were used to fund the yearly resurfacing program and a Miami Township property sale funded the Vienna Parkway improvements and adjacent roadway resurfacing.

Asphalt Overlay (Pavement Mill and Fill)

The following street(s) were resurfaced through the City of Miamisburg Asphalt Resurfacing Program: 

  • Washington Church Road (Spring Valley Pike to Lyons Road)
  • Miami Village Drive (Lincolnshire Road to Austin Boulevard)
  • Benner Road (Byers Road to Miamisburg City Limits)
  • Shephard Road (0.21 Mile Section)
  • Highland Village Drive
  • Britwell Court
  • Draycott Court
  • Dorset Woods Court
  • Bannon Court
  • Ainsworth Court

The following streets were resurfaced in conjunction with the Vienna Parkway Extension roadway project: (The Vienna Parkway Extension Project will be completed by the Spring 2021. Streetscape/ landscape will be installed by winter 2020 and the project improvements will include a signalized intersection at SR 741)

  • Pinegrove Drive
  • Silvercliff Drive
  • Ledgewood Place
  • Vienna Woods Trail (Concrete Section)
  • Gatesland Court (Concrete)
  • Oakmoor Lane (Concrete)

Micro-surfacing or Slurry Seal (Preventive Care Products)

The following streets will receive Micro-surfacing or Slurry Seal:

  • No streets in 2020.

Bidding specifications are assembled by the Public Works Director and the project is awarded to the lowest and best bidder if a preventive care product is used in a year's resurfacing program. 

NOTE: Cost for preventive care materials increased more than 35% in 2019 from the 2016 bid prices. 

2020 Resurfacing Schedule
Budgeting for Roadway Improvements

Over $500,000 has been budgeted for roadway resurfacing in 2020 and over $700,000 was spend on resurfacing in 2019. There are nearly 91 linear miles of roadway in the Township. Streets are evaluated and resurfaced based on the severity of deterioration when adequate funds become available.