Public Works

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The Miami Township Public Works Department proudly serves the community through proficient management of township properties and infrastructure.

The Director of Public Works oversees all aspects of department operations.

Four divisions within Public Works are mutually committed to preservation of the township’s roadway network, park system, facilities and fleet with an emphasis placed on strategic assessment of operations to sustain concentrated productivity and fiscal responsibility.

Upholding a reputation on delivering prompt, professional infrastructure management services to the citizens of Miami Township is the key to our mission of setting a benchmark for the region in superior public service.

Public Works is comprised of four separately funded departments:

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Public Works Organizational Structure

In 2020, Miami Township restored the Parks Department staffing to pre 1990s levels and also increased staffing in the Road Department. This is the first increase in staffing for the Road Worker position since the 1980s. A Fleet Manager position was created in 2020 to replace the unfilled Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor position. 

2020 PW Org Chart